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Welcome to Dawn’s Treasured Images Photography website!

Thank you for stopping by to check out my site and my work, please explore and feel free to contact me about anything!

I started my career in photography in about 2008 and I have grown and learned so much since then.

It is honestly a passion now. I love capturing special moments you will enjoy and remember for a lifetime. I am a mom of 5 (4 girls youngest child a boy :)  ) step-mom of 1 (although I do not consider him a step-child he is as much mine as all my others) and I am raising my niece so altogether I am blessed with 7 wonderful kiddos! I am so lucky I love each one very much, do not let this be dis-concerning for you I have plenty of time to take photos. They are all wonderful kids.

I started off with scenic photography, then animals, macros, then portraits, I have experience in too many fields to list lol. If I’m not experienced in an area I will let you know, I will either teach my self or tell you I do not feel comfortable trying this out, or we will work out an arrangement.

I understand that today’s economy is not that great to put it mildly and I am not here to get rich or take advantage of anyone, I believe that no matter ones income they deserve to have images to cherish of their loved ones. I have participated in the amazing project Help-Portrait, an amazing movement to give people who have fallen in hard times a portrait of their child or family printed out free of charge around Christmas time. I make my prices very affordable, and do not print as that is a huge cost in its self. For more information on Charity work, discounts available, and other special circumstances please refer to the section titled No client left behind.

Any questions or to inquire for anything feel free to contact me.

Email me  Text or call: (979) 253-3706


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